Relationships, like life, are hard, messy, rewarding, fun, and frustrating. Luckily, just like life, we don’t have to figure them out alone. As a trained counselor, I can help you pull together the pieces of your life and relationships so that you can live in a more fulfilled and integrated way. It is a myth that just by virtue of being an adult we should know how to do relationships. The truth is that most of us don’t.

Perhaps Jimmy Buffett captured it best in his song “Fruitcakes:” Relationships! We all got ’em, we all want ’em. What do we do with ’em?! To Jimmy and to you, I would answer that we work on them, we nurture them, we learn from them. So give me a call and let’s talk about how, as your new therapist, I can support you in doing your work!